Wednesday, September 18, 2013

She wore peacock feathers on her dress

I honestly don't even know how people are so amazing! Some of the weddings I see are so out of this world stunning that I couldn't even dream them up. Just look at the photos below and see for yourself. Click the link for even more photos of that killer dress!
(All images via Hillary Maybery Photography, Idaho) 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Postcards as Save the Dates

I love cute ring pictures. Especially one's involving postcards with my most favorite city. Perfect for a downtown wedding save the date.
(All images via Kate Price Photography, Washington)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

All the pretty little details

I cannot get enough of the details from this wedding!! I'm obsessed with the stationary! My dream is to commission a couple of lovely portraits like that of my own little family. And then the crest with the wedding date in it -- I'm dying. It is way too cute for it's own good. The bride is gorgeous. Flowers in her hair. Pink is the most luscious happy color of all.
(All photos via Michele M. Waite Photography, Washington)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This clear canopy is such a cool way to stay dry, hang lights and still enjoy the scenery. I bet this was awesome at night. I love the hanging tea lights. This is also a great option for the northwest. We are prone to drizzly weather even in the summer months.
(All photos via Taylor'd Events in Idaho and photographed by Viera Photographics)

Monday, September 9, 2013

A starry night wedding

I know other parts of the country have forests but really I think the northwest can just claim the whole forest thing cause we got 'em covered. I love forest weddings. This one is truly spectacular. I love that Dylan and Sara thought to capture the starry night as well. It really sets the tone. I just recently returned from camping and when you're out there with all of those stars it's the most amazing feeling in the world. The forest is also probably a pretty affordable option as a venue with unlimited square footage.
forest campground wedding photo 148
forest campground wedding photo 027
forest campground wedding photo 082
forest campground wedding photo 104
forest campground wedding photo 095
(All photos via Dylan and Sara Photography, Oregon)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A fun and flirty bridesmaid dress

Yesterday it was all about the bride's dress and today it's all about the bridesmaid dresses. This is pretty much one of the cutest bridesmaid dresses I've seen this year. I love the soft color that could compliment just about anything. It's a dress that you could wear multiple times. It can easily be dressed up or down. They were apparently bought at a little boutique in BC. I love boutiques. You can find the most amazing, unique pieces at them. I love straying from the big wedding department type stores. Bridesmaid dresses don't have to be a "bridesmaid" dress.
(All images via Jessica Zais Photography, BC)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A stunning veil and dress

It's all about the dress. And the photos of the dress. That's why it's so important that you chose your photographer wisely. You are hand picking every element of your wedding down to the very tiniest detail and, trust me, you want it photographed beautifully. Hillary Maybery knew how to capture this dress. Just look at that veil. I could sit and stare at this first picture all day. What a piece of art. Take a few moments of your day to enjoy the beauty and click through the link to see the rest.
(All images via Hillary Maybery Photography, Idaho)

Monday, August 19, 2013

A warm wooded wedding

I love how warm this wedding is. While tan suits are generally more casual they are also so much more inviting and laid back - not to mention, especially when paired with flip flops. I love it! The warm hues seem to be complimented perfectly with the warmth of the woods and light falling. Obviously, you can't plan on the weather100% but it usually works out to fit your day perfectly, even if that means rain. It did sprinkle on my own October wedding and then we had some beautiful pictures with an umbrella. But the wedding below looks exactly like the kind of place I'd like to be right about now. I'm seriously itching for a wilderness escape! Don't forget to click the link to see the rest of this warm wedding.
 (All images via Michelle Cross Photography, Oregon)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A wedding in the wilderness

Breathtakingly beyond words. This ceremony location is jaw dropping. I also love the idea of being out in the wild. Just you, your future spouse and all your friends and family having the celebration of a lifetime in the middle of nowhere. I cannot get over how beautiful this setting is. Dylan and Sara are such a talented duo. Click through the link to see the rest of these photos. The portraits of the bride and groom are to die for.
mountain wedding photo 004
sun valley ketchum wedding photo 037
sun valley ketchum wedding photo 038
mountain wedding photo 001
sun valley ketchum wedding photo 025
(All images via Dylan and Sara, Idaho)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A lovely field for an engagement session

I love this super cute engagement session. There's a real fairy tale romance to it. Engagement photos are such a fun way to capture your love for one another and share them with friends and family. It's also a good time to connect with your photographer in a non-stressful environment and get used to being in front of the camera. The photos make for the best sign-in book at your wedding as well. After all, your family and friends love you and they love seeing how cute you are with your significant other. If your wedding photography package comes with an engagement session make sure to schedule it far enough in advance of the wedding that you can use the actual photos at your wedding.
(All images via Park Road Photography, Washington)